The world of dinosaurs

Large-scale reproductions of prehistoric reptiles that dominated the planet and theories on meteorites and volcanic eruptions that caused their extinction. The theories about the origin of the universe and of continental drift explained by movies on computer...

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Original Angelo D’Arrigo’s hang-glider

The large central room exposes the original Angelo D’Arrigo’s hang-glider with its movie and an exhibition space dedicated to the exploits of the legendary naturalist aviator. Angelo D’arrigo died in 2006 and he has been referred to as the ” Human Condor” for his research on birds of prey of the Andes in flight and for his great feats who had seen him engaged in free flight on the highest peaks of the world. He was the first to fly over Mount Etna erupting. Angelo d’Arrigo was able to fly around the world during his racing career at the top of the international sport flying. During his travels through the various continents, Angelo flew over seas, deserts, volcanoes, and mountain ranges, with eagles and birds of...

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Prehistoric elephant

It has been recently set up an area dedicated to prehistoric elephants who lived in Sicily with a closer look at the elephant of Catania (history, legends and curiosities related to the symbol of Catania), combining with a creative workshop where you can create an elephant made of recycled cardboard to take home as...

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Etna, a great resource

The ancient tradition of processing lava rock is an integral part of the sicilian artistic and cultural heritage: it is an eternal material, which has been handed down for generations without losing its original splendor. Lava rock is mostly used for paving roads, decorations, portals and various kinds of architectural elements. The most important architectural works of the province of Etna are made of lava material, like the elephant in Duomo square and Porta Garibaldi in Catania, the obelisks in Piedimonte etneo and numerous churches of the Etna area. With the glazing process on lava stone it is possible to obtain fireplaces, tables and interior design...

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Etna produce

The Sicilian climate and the fertile volcanic soil are critical to the quality of the local produce of Etna. In first place, to name only the most important, wine, honey, apples, olive oil, chestnuts, pistachio nuts, mushrooms, almonds , hazelnuts and vegetables. The wine producing industries use grapes variety cultivated on the volcanic soils along the Etna slopes, which give local grapes a valuable and unique organoleptic characteristics. The DOC denomination has been awarded to Etna wines thanks to these qualities. Honey, the gold of Etna, is a valuable source of income in some areas of the Etna. With over seven hundred beekeepers, Zafferana boasts the production of about 15% of the total national production. Honey from Etna is renowned throughout Italy, particulary for its healing properties and it is currently used in the preparation of typical sweets and...

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Excursions Etna

Nature trails along the paths of the most evocative largest volcano in Europe. In direct contact with “a muntagna” and its heritage of science, nature, culture and traditions. An excellent complement to the visit of...

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