A Journey to the Center of the Earth

The largest museum in Italy dedicated to the earth’s volcanoes offers a unique opportunity to get into the heart of the volcanic eruptions. With the support of experts it will seem to make a journey to the center of the Earth to discover how and why volcanoes exist, how they work and what hazards pose to populations: focus on volcanoes of the world, history of the Earth and its internal structure to understand the dynamic that causes earthquakes and the creation of volcanoes. There is also an entire section devoted to the work done by volcanologists and scientific techniques for monitoring Etna and other Italian...

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The Ciclope

At times myth and history mingle. It would seem that the origin of the myth of the Cyclops, the monstrous giants with a single eye set in the middle of their forehead, can be derived from the discovery of prehistoric elephants’ skulls found in some sicilian grottes. In fact, the elephant’s skull without tusks resemble in shape to that of humans, only much larger and with a single hole in the center. In reality, this hole is the proboscis cavity but the first discoverers of the remains did not know this and thought to giant creatures with only one eye. Hence the legend was born. The story of the Cyclops in Sicily has been narrated by many, but the most well-know version is undoubtedly that in Homer’s Odyssey which recounts the episode when Ulysses encounters Polyphemus, the terrible Cyclops...

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